Location: The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario
Role: Design, Permits, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration
Area: 278 m² , 3,000 ft² 

The design of the space focuses on community, health, mindfulness, and inspiration, by creating an open and inviting, light-filled environment for visitors to relax, exercise, and unwind. There are even community spaces to hang out before and after classes: a tea bar, retail space, and lounge area.

The material palette combines the natural and the modern, to create a bright, welcoming, and natural environment. Sustainable features include materials that are recycled and do not off-gas, efficient lighting, reversible ceiling fans with natural cross-ventilation, and on-demand water heating.

With its friendly and knowledgeable owners, great location, and welcoming design, Afterglow Yoga Studio promises to be a staple in the Beaches area for years to come.


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