I create art for people who want to see things differently. I help them find a new perspective on people, places, and objects, by bringing a sense of wonder into their lives. I am an award-winning artist that has exhibited in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I use an overlay technique to represent a different vantage point on the built environment, one that merges multiple instances of the same object, incorporating the element of time. The images seem to find the average, mean, or essence of the subject, by emphasizing only the repetitive elements. Using more than 30 layers in each image, I aim to capture an icon in the way people’s memory works – a collection of various fleeting images recalled as one. The result displays a different way of viewing objects and scenes, one that incorporates the element of time and motion.

Buy prints of these and many more at: www.overlayart.com/

fontana boathouse overlay
falling water overlay
streetcat interior overlay
subway overlay
sydney opera house overlay
pay phone overlay
porter flight propeller overlay
toronto bike ring overlay
toronto litter overlay
yonge sign overlay
rob ford overlay
toronto skyline overlay
pele overlay
tom brady overlay
barack overlay
statue of liberty overlay
big ben overlay
london eye overlay
no parking overlay
parking sign overlay
george bush overlay
will jayden smith overlay
eye overlay
guitar overlay
horse overlay
cheetah overlay
philip seymour hoffman overlay
heath ledger joker overlay
hindenburg overlay
world trade centre overlay
einstein overlay
marilyn monroe overlay
nelson mandela overlay
sitting bull
buddha overlay
last supper overlay
stephen hawking overlay
steve jobs overlay
michael jordan overlay
tiger woods overlay
space shuttle overlay
moon landing overlay
bluesky mausoleum

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