w/ SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture + Building
Location: Etobicoke, ON
Area: 237.1 m², 2,560 ft²

Our clients came to us with the vision to preserve and enhance the life of their existing 1930’s 1-1/2 storey house, rather than demolish and rebuild, like so many other houses in Central Etobicoke.

They loved the area, and there was much to be valued with their existing home. But with a growing family and a house approaching 100 years of age, it was time to renovate and expand their home, while keeping and maintaining the parts that were worthy of saving. This minimized the amount of waste from demolition that would have been sent to landfill, while allowing us to keep the existing quality bones of the house. The approach was to keep the general shape of the home, build out the back with a 2-storey rear addition, give it a more modern look through materials and colours, and make the house much more energy-efficient.

Sustainable features include: overcladding with Rockwool Comfortboard insulation to reduce heat loss, increase comfort, and reduce street noise; resilient and durable materials like a metal roof, and cement board siding; sun tunnels on the second floor to increase natural daylighting, while decreasing energy demand; improved HVAC systems, which included removal of basement ductwork to increase headroom; and an efficient use of space, to make best use of what was existing, in combination with the proposed plans.

Even though there was a large increase in square footage, in combination with ever-increasing energy prices, the clients have found that their energy bills have gone down.  They are now happy and comfortable in their new home, with a layout that is flexible enough to adapt to future needs.  The result of our collaboration is a durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient house that is designed to last generations.


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