w/ Scott Morris Architects
Location: Toronto, ON
Completion: 2013
Lot Size: 1,900m²
Building Gross Floor Area: 836m², 9,000 ft²
Role: Renderings, Presentation and Promotional Materials, Construction Docs


The Daniels Residence is a carefully orchestrated synthesis of resource and energy-efficient additions, heritage restoration, and deep green retrofit to a Toronto Art Deco masterpiece.

A symphony of 21st-century sustainability, the design takes advantage of the existing site orientation to maximize vistas and capture cooling breezes from the adjacent low-lying lands, harnesses passive solar heating and cooling, and exemplifies a variety of creative reuse opportunities that presented themselves through working with the original structure.

Further sustainable strategies include: rainwater collection for irrigation; highly-effective insulation; green roofs; energy-efficient doors and windows; geo-exchange heating and cooling; multiple optimally-sized heat pumps efficiently zoned throughout the house; solar thermal hot water; sun shading devices; light shelves; thermal mass concrete floors; hydronic radiant floor heating; and best-possible indoor air quality strategies.

The Daniels’ spectacular collection of art, furniture, and light fixtures fills a home that is just as breathtaking in form. As stylish as it is green and sustainable, the ingenious ‘re-imagination’ of its landmark Art Deco nascence is a testament to David and Kate Daniels and their team’s mission to preserve the old while weaving in the new.

 daniels_2tender6tender7 colour2


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